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case study eec004
Subaru Outback


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Powering the 22nd Century: A Public Service Announcement

EEC Inc. and artist Elana Mann ( have teamed up to perform a groundbreaking inquiry into the nature of our society’s core institution: the automobile.

What are the energy flows that go into and out of our cars? What raw materials from which global conflict zones were used to create and to power this machine? What mental energy is used waiting in traffic? Do our cars love us as much as we love them? Can a car become a vegetarian? Can a car dream?

Our investigation includes an experiential component: a road trip to the Mojave Desert. The Road Trip and the American West are two of the most potent and prolific myths in our current society, and are embedded in the steel and rubber of the automobile. Follow EEC Inc.'s Tom and Steve as they guide Elana, Jean-Paul Leonard, and “Sue” the 2001 Subaru Outback through a mystical journey to the energy centers of the Mojave Desert.

Highlights include a psychic sound bath, abandoned gas stations, sun-baked mud homes, a graveyard of 20th century oil advertising signs, a 40-megawatt solar energy plant, ancient volcanoes, shoes & socks trees, and much more desert beauty & strangeness.

The results of our research into Elana’s car, the automobile, and the American psyche are still being compiled and written, but we’ve got tons of photos up on our Flickr site. We also will exhibit a white paper report, online maps, prints, collages, video, and performance at the exhibition:

Driven by What's Inside
October 2, 2010, 7-9pm
Side Street Projects
730 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

Featuring art by Ecstatic Energy Consultants Inc. in collaboration with Elana Mann, and videos by several other artists, to be announced.